Sizzix Accessory - Sticky Grid Sheets, 8 1/4" X 11 5/8", 5 Pack - SKU: 664927

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This pack contains five Sizzix Sticky Grid Sheets that are perfectly sized to hold your stencils in place. For added convenience, a temporary adhesive allows the sheet to be used multiple times. It's just sticky enough to ensure your designs stay perfect in application, but not overly sticky that it will tear your paper when you remove it to reveal your final finished piece! Sticky Grid Sheets are 8 1/4" x 11 5/8" in size.

These Sticky Grid Sheets are going to help you change the way you craft! You are going to love that they work with your Sizzix die cutting machines, the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool and more. There are so many uses for these sheets, you will love experimenting with them!

Sticky Grid Sheets are tacky double-sided grids that are designed to be placed on your Stencil and Stamping tools grid side up. The low tack adhesive allows you to securely and precisely secure intricate metal dies in place whilst die cutting for that perfect finish every time!


5 Sticky Grid Sheets

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