Watertank-brush, 3 pieces - SKU: 9310001100

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Water supply can be controlled by pressing the water tank. Strong pressure produces a large amount of water, light pressure produces a small amount of water. This makes it easier to control the distribution of colours.

  • ideal for watercolour painting
  • perfect for working with water-soluble paints
  • dimensionally stable nylon brush tip
  • with screw cap
  • 3 sizes (S, M, L)

The water tank can also be filled with a ready-made paint mixture. However, the brush should then be thoroughly washed out so that the paint residues do not dry up and block the water supply for the next application.


1 x Watertank brush, Size: S
1 x Watertank brush, Size: M
1 x Watertank brush, Size: L

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